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sdik_looc's Journal

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Eddies Friends and losers alike
311, 666, 88, 96 quite bitter beings, acdc, adio, adult swim, afi, alien workshop, alkaline trio, almost, andrew w.k., anti-flag, anti-hero, aqua teen hunger force, atreyu, badreligion, baker, bam, bass, beastie boys, bevis and butt-head, bigwig, birdhouse, black goat, black lable, black nails, blind, blink 182, bootleg, bouncing souls, bullet, chacolate, circa, cky, coheed and cambria, consolidated, cooter, crime, cypress, darkstar, dc, deathbox, dekline, dgk, dna, dogtown, dvs, element, emerica, enjoi, es, etnies, expedition one, fall out boy, fallen, family guy, flip, forest gump, foundation, girl, globe, goldfinger, good riddance, green day, guitar, habitat, heartagram, him, hollywood, hook ups, ignite, insane clown posse, ipath, jet, judah, krooked, lagwagon, lakai, lamb of god, lib technologies, luckey, madrid, maggots, metalheads, metallica, mfkr, millencolin, mohawks, monkey, mystery, nin, nirvana, nofx, organika, osiris, pennywise, poetry, popwar, primus, pulley, punks, queen, ramones, rasa libre, real, santa cruz, savier, sector 9, seek, shortys, skateboards, skaters, slayer, slipknot, sorry, south park, speed demons, status, story of the year, sublime, tabs, taking back sunday, tenacious d, termite, the adicts, the ataris, the casulities, the darkness, the distillers, the firm, the misfits, the simpsons, think, thrice, tiger army, towlie, toy machine, urainium, vandals, vans, violent femmes, vision, volcom, warlock, warp tour, world industries, z-flex, zero, zoo york